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Who is CHC?

Creep Hunters is a group of advocates who have made the protection of children a top priority in our everyday lives. We seek to educate children, parents and society as a whole, of the dangers that lurk online. 

We utilize a professional approach to promote education, awareness and bring to justice  the predators that prey on children. 

It has been said, “it takes a village to raise a child”, this is a responsibility that Creep Hunters takes seriously.

If you are online, looking to exploit and abuse our decoys, you will be sent to the police, it is our first step!

How is CHC different from other groups?

We at Creep Hunters Canada are not vigilantes, we do not take the law into our own hands.

  • We are advocates, we collect chat logs on donated chatting devices.

  • We are more than happy to co-operate with any level of the policing community.

  • We work hard to maintain impeccable documentation and information so our chat logs can be used in court. 

CHC's main goal is to have our work result in arrests and convictions, not merely public shaming.

Chatting Devices

Donated Chatting Device:  Creep Hunters Canada receives cell phone donations through sponsorship and public supporters. The purpose of these devices is to allow CHC to submit original chatting devices at the time of arrest. 

  • Pre-loaded:  When a donated chatting device arrives at head office we do a factory reset and then we set up the device for chatting. For each device we create an email address and a Dropbox account. We then load the donated decoy pictures along with a the letter of consent from the donor to the chatting device. Lastly, we Install a chatting app and change the wall paper to our specialized  CHC logo and information, as seen in the figure above. 


  • Decoy Photo’s:   All of our donated decoy photos come with a consent form signed by the person who donated the photos which clearly states the decoy was +18 at the time the photo was taken. Decoy photos and information can be found in the Dropbox on the original chatting devices.

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