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C.H.C. Society Biography

Creep Hunters Canada became a society in 2017, thus creating C.H.C. Society.

C.H.C. Society operates in numerous districts across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.


To protect children by assisting authorities with tracking and convicting sexual predators who use the internet to lure and exploit children.

C.H.C. Society has been recognized by many news outlets

Such as Esquire magazine, The New York Post, Global News, and Castanet.


We have submitted to law enforcement has resulted in the arrest of numerous alleged child predators. In a short period of time our program developers have created a state of the art app which allows law enforcement to view our chat logs at any time.

When our volunteers are working to combat online predators, they use cell phones that are donated from the public.

C.H.C. Society pre-loads each phone with our hunting app which is used to create a profile on various social media networks.

Social media has become a hub for predators who seek to exploit children.

Once our decoy account is online our volunteers wait for the alleged predators to initiate contact with our decoy in hopes we can disrupt the grooming process. If an alleged predator begins the grooming process there are several possible criminal charges that can be laid such as, child luring, invitation to sexual touching, and child exploitation to name a few.

Once we believe the alleged predator has committed a criminal offense we then contact law enforcement, we make absolutely no attempt to confront the alleged predator on our own. Once law enforcement has been contacted we then submit our donated chatting phone as evidence against the alleged predator. Law enforcement will determine if an arrest is warranted.


As survivors of child sexual abuse ourselves, we know all too well the trauma and lifelong pain that being a victim to these predators creates.

We have dedicated our lives to disrupting the grooming process and advocating for change and awareness, through our "Let's Talk Change" events and webinars. We hope that there will come a day when our most vulnerable will be safe from the dark silent epidemics of human trafficking, sexual assault and child luring.

Although C.H.C. Society is willing to work with law enforcement, and the feedback has been positive, we don't hold any power of authority. We do not claim to have an official partnership with law enforcement. -

Esquire Magazine

Is it possible to be an ethical avenger?

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