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#OPSChildofNet is currently Under Construction, your welcome to apply for the hunters membership.

Join Creep Hunters Society

Help Protect the children of the internet.

When it comes to human trafficking and online luring, prevention plays a vital role in the process of combating these crimes.


It is very important that children know the signs of the grooming process, so they can better protect themselves not only online but off the internet as well.

Use #OPSChildofNet to help spread awareness of the dangers facing today's children of the internet.

Become a member of OpsChildofNet

#OPSChildofnet is currently under construction


As a volunteer you will assist in combating online predators, using cell phones that are donated from the public. Each phone is equipped with our hunting app which is used to create a profile on various social media networks. Social media has become a hub for predators who seek to exploit children.


Once our decoy account is online our volunteers wait for the alleged predators to initiate contact with our decoy in hopes we can disrupt the grooming process. If an alleged predator begins the grooming process there are several possible criminal charges that can be laid such as, child luring, invitation to sexual touching, and child exploitation to name a few. Once we believe the alleged predator has committed a criminal offense we then contact law enforcement, we make absolutely no attempt to confront the alleged predator on our own.


Once law enforcement has been contacted we then submit our donated chatting phone as evidence against the alleged predator.

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