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Terms of Service

Help Protect the children of the internet.

Creep Hunters Canada requires that every individual must agreement to our "terms of service" in order to participate.

Please read the following;

Risk Factors

There are obviously many risks associated with Creep Hunting, even if you are strictly participating in a Chatter’s position. 

Creep Hunters Canada is not responsible for any damages that may occur.


You will be working on a volunteer basis, and acting as a private contractor,

thus waiving Creep Hunters liabilities in the following respects:

  • Financial implications including (but not limited to) cellphone/internet fees.

  • Unwanted or harassing contact from individuals communicated with during chatting and/or on any social media site utilized by any member of CHC.

  • Breach of Privacy- Creep Hunters respect individual rights to anonymity, however cannot guarantee that your personal information will not be obtained through the variety of websites and/or communications you utilize while chatting.


* I have read through and understand the risks involved in participating in the Creep Hunters Canada organization. I

waive my right to hold Creep Hunters liable for any damages

or implications that may arise in my participation.


* I am aware that in order to participate I need to be of legal age and legally declare I am 18 years of age or older.


* I am aware that Creep Hunters Canada has a strict set of practices as laid forth in the disclaimer provided to me prior and I understand that failure to adhere to said practices may result in the discontinuance of my participation and independent contractor’s agreement with Creep Hunters.

* I agree to maintain confidentiality while participating and also upon separation from CHC.  All documents including (but not limited to) photos, training materials, banners, videos, conversation logs etc are the property of CHC and will be surrendered upon departure.  I further understand that failure to adhere may be deemed a breach of CHC copyright, and I may be held liable in a court of law.

* I understand that Creep Hunters Canada acts as a team.  We are a family. I will conduct myself in a professional manner and further understand that disrespect will not be tolerated whether directed at other CHC members, online supporters, alternate organizations and CHC executives and/or directors.  Failure to do so may result in my removal.